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Wheelchair Handrims

MAGICWHEELS® have several different wheelchair handrim (pushrim) options.   All of our wheelchair handrims (except Natural Fit and those with projections) are made from ultra-thin aircraft grade heat treated aluminum tubing for exceptional light weight and durability.  If you have questions about which handrim is most appropriate; please contact us at or 1-866-MAGICWHeels (1-866-624-4294)

21” x 3/4” Aluminum anodized hardcoat wheelchair handrim
21”X3/4” Aluminum Anodized Hardcoat
These are the same style standard aluminum wheelchair handrims used on manual wheelchairs for many years.  
21” x 3/4” Black vinyl or Foam coated wheelchair handrim
21”X3/4”Black Vinyl or Foam Coating
These are the same style standard 21"X3/4" wheelchair handrims as above  but covered with vinyl or foam to increase friction with hands.   The actual tube diameter is larger than ¾” depending on the coating applied.  The coating adds about 1/8” to ½” of added overall width to the wheelchair.
21” x 1” Aluminum anodized hardcoat wheelchair handrim
21”X1” Black Vinyl or Foam Coating
The tubing of these  coated wheelchair handrims is about 3/8” – ½” larger than the standard 21"X3/4" handrims shown above (depending on coating) and are for the user who needs a larger tube diameter plus vinyl for grip reasons. The larger tubing diameter and the vinyl coating will add about ½” to 1 overall width (depending on coating) & added weight to the wheelchair.
21” x 1” Aluminum anodized hardcoat wheelchair handrim
21”X1” Aluminum Anodized Hardcoat
The tubing of these wheelchair handrims is ¼” larger than standard 21"X3/4" handrims and are for the user who needs a larger tube diameter for grip reasons but does not want the burn of vinyl. (The larger tubing diameter will add about ½” overall width and slight added weight to the wheelchair.)
16” x 1” Black Vinyl or Foam wheelchair handrim
16”x1”Black Vinyl or Foam Coating
These 1” tubing coated wheelchair handrims are only recommended for strong users with full hand strength and full upper body function.   They provide about 30-40%  faster speed on flat surfaces  than standard 21”handrims and require fewer pushes to  travel at higher speeds.   Please note that due to the smaller 16” diameter handrim, when you initiate your first move at start, they are more difficult to push and make the wheelchair feel heavier than standard handrims..  Because of the unique recessed carbon fiber dish wheels on MAGICWHEELS there is   no added width to the wheelchair compared to standard handrims. There is a slight added weight due to the coating
Double wheelchair handrim Wheelchair handrim

Because of the unique design of MAGICWHEELS, 2-gear wheels using handrim spokes, dual wheelchair handrims are available and come in a variety of options to fit your pushing needs.  One of the more common configurations is the 21” x ¾” Anodized Aluminum outer handrim with the 16” Black Vinyl (or Foam)  inner handrim, shown at left. (For additional dual handrim choices see our Order form). 

These dual handrims offer several advantages over  the single 21" handrims usually found on wheelchairs.  By moving your hand from the outer handrim to the inner handrim when rolling, the user has a 2nd (faster) gear.   There is also the advantage of using the vinyl on the inner handrim while pushing then switching to the aluminum outer handrim to avoid the burn of vinyl while stopping.

Double Handrims also provide your wheels with 2 high gears and 2 low gears giving you a 4 speed wheelchair.

Vinyl or foam can also be ordered on the outer handrim if the user has issues with the limited grip of aluminum.


21” Natural fit wheelchair handrim

21" Natural Fit Handrim With Super Grip Thumb Ring
By Out-Front / 3 Rivers Holdings, LLC

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Please Note: Most handrims with a standard 6-hole 20.25 inch bolt pattern will fit on Magic Wheels



To change handrim assembly, locate (12) black self locking (See Handrim Layout ) nuts in spokes around the central drum and remove with 11/32" socket wrench.  Lift the spokes & handrims off of drum using spokes, remove complete HANDRIM assembly - DO NOT REMOVE NUTS UNDER THE SPOKES OR BREAK THE SEAL ON THE GEAR BOX - THIS WILL INVALIDATE WARRANTY.

Spokes are attached to handrim with (6) 10-32 x 1-1/4" screws, Loctite compound and (6) 1/4" HANDRIM spacers (if required).  Assemble desired handrim, and spacers onto spokes, apply over drum studs and replace 12 nylock nuts.

Handrim layout HANDRIM LAYOUT