MAGICWHEELS® are designed to fit on almost every style of manual wheel chair and be interchangeable with most spoke wheels. (Please view the Wheelchair Compatibility Chart)

Our wheels utilize your chair's existing axle mounting system, however their unique geared transmission may require a small adaptor (See Figure 1) installed onto the frame of your wheelchair. This adaptor restrains the anti-rotation pin (See Figure 3) from turning and allows the shifting to work properly.

Does your wheelchair have an Axle Plate or need an Adaptor?

If you wheelchair has an Axle Plate (Figure 2) then you do not need an Adaptor. The Pin is made to fit into the elongated slot in your Axle Plate next to where your Axle goes into your wheelchair.

If your wheelchair does not have an Axle plate then please visit our compatibility page to find out what adapter you may need and the installation instructions to mount it properly.

Figure 1 (Standard Adaptor)
Figure 2 (Axle Plate)

Placing MAGICWHEELS™ on and off of your wheelchair.

MAGICWHEELS™ use the same quick release axles installed on standard wheelchairs.  


  1. Put fingers into the open Finger Pocket on the shifter in the center of the wheel.
  2. Push in the Button with your thumb to release the quick-release axle and pull axle and wheel away from the wheelchair.
  3. Repeat STEP 1 for the opposite rear wheel.
  4. Reinstall the rear wheels onto the wheelchair by reversing STEPS 1-2 and aligning the anti-rotation pin as indicated in Figure 2 and Figure 3.


When placing MAGICWHEELS™ on the wheelchair;
First shift the wheel into Low (Control) Gear.   This will allow the PIN to rotate around the inside of the wheel.
Insert the Axle into the Axle Receiver and push the wheel in just as you would a standard wheelchair wheel.
Rotate the wheel until the PIN lines up with either the Axle Plate opening (Figure 3) or the notch in the adaptor (Figure 2) and push the wheel completely into the Axle Receiver until the Button in the center of the wheel pops out.

Quick Release Axles

If you look at the back of MAGICWHEELS™ (Figure 3) you will notice the standard looking axle as well as anti rotation Pin.   This pin makes the gears work inside your wheel and must be fixed to your chair in such a way that it won't rotate.

Figure 3 (Axle & Pin)