No batteries or motors--Isn’t it time to switch gears?

With more than a decade in development, it's our pleasure to introduce a brand new type of wheelchair wheel, MAGICWHEELS®. These all-mechanical wheelchair hubs use a patented 2-geared drive technology specifically designed for manual wheelchairs.

MAGICWHEELS® can be adapted to fit most manual wheelchairs. We offer 10 different handrim options which allow for use on both 2 and 4 speed models. Each wheel has an easy-to-use shifting mechanism that allows users to switch gears with minimal effort.

MAGICWHEELS® employ two gears: high and low. In high gear, MAGICWHEELS® moves like a normal wheelchair wheel. But, when shifted into low gear, your wheelchair becomes twice as easy to push and can be used to easily climb ramps, hills, door jams and any other types of incline. Low gear is also great for navigating thick carpet, uneven grass or gravel and most other uneven terrain. Additionally, you can use MAGICWHEELS®' braking feature while in low gear. This braking feature allows for 50% less force than is usually required to stop. This feature substantially increases the braking power you have with no extra strength required.

MAGICWHEELS® also have a hill holding feature. On an incline, the hill holder stops the wheelchair from rolling backwards between pushes, thus alleviating the need to surge your wheelchair while climbing. The hill holding feature can also be overridden so the user can back down or turn around on an incline.

We at MagicWheels, Inc. anticipate that this new technology will increase the independence of manual wheelchair users of all functional levels and abilities. Please contact us today to arrange a test drive so you can personally experience the all of the benefits MAGICWHEELS® offer.