Meet Greg F.
Sylvania, OH - Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) C5-6

DOB 5/25/46
Age: 60 years
Diagnosis: Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) C5-6 Incomplete due to motor vehicle accident in 1969 while serving in the Navy
Present wheelchair: Invacare MVP with adjustable tension sling back, 6 spoke mag wheels, solid insert tires with wheels that did not track very well and solid casters, swing away footrests
Seating: Jay 2 seat cushion
Greg was ambulatory with assistive devices post his injury until 1995 when he decided try a wheelchair. This opened up his world and allowed him to function better with hand use, less fatigue and a more productive and active day.


  • Unable to push independently up vehicle ramp
  • Dependent for such a transition so his wife accompanied him on trips
  • Shoulder pain
  • Challenged on inclines ie. hills, ramps, etc.


  • Improve posture and alignment
  • Relieve and manage shoulder pain
  • Provide functional independent mobility
    • Going up ramps and inclines
    • Allow access to van via independent ramp ascension
Greg states that the hill holding feature really helps him save energy and enable him to complete is ascension. Above goals were met with MAGICWHEELS™ 2-gear wheelchair drive as they require less effort in pushing which translates to decreased shoulder pain.

The 2-gear wheelchair drive offers better pushing ergonomics to prevent or delay rotator cuff surgery in the future. Magic Wheels™ does not add overall width and minimal weight to his wheelchair. When in the 2:1 gear, hand burn is minimized and only a minimal to moderate hand grip is needed on wheels when descending.
He has had his MAGICWHEELS™ 2-gear wheelchair drive since March 2006 and has since discovered that he can negotiate a lateral tilt on a hill and push effectively by putting one wheel on 2:1 and leave the other free wheeling.

Greg now has total independence to get up the ramp of his van and freedom to drive his vehicle using hand controls.

Prepared by:
Delia "Dee Dee" Freney-Bailey, OTR/L, ATS
Clinical Consultant
Office: 510-581-2904 Cell: 510-828-8529 FAX: 510-885-1353