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MAGICWHEELS are wheelchair wheels with a geared hub that provides a 2:1 mechanical advantage and an automatic hill-holder. They are great for climbing hills, ramps, curb cuts, or door thresholds. Unlike power assist wheels, MAGICWHEELS 2-gear wheelchair wheels have no batteries and no motors. You only use the geared technology when you need it, engaging it with a simple click of the hub. The remainder of the time your wheelchair works similarly to how it does with conventional wheelchair wheels installed.

Power Assist with Gears
Like bicycle technology, shift into low gear for more power to climb inclines and tackle daily obstacles. Low gear requires half the effort of standard pushing.  Learn more...
Increased Downhill Control
In low gear, stopping is easier because only half the force is needed which adds confidence and control to your descent. Learn more...
Hill Holding
In low gear, this automatic feature prevents a wheelchair from rolling backward. The wheels hold your position and allow you to take a break or go ‘hands free’ as you climb to the top of the incline or your destination. Learn more...

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Helping to Reduce Shoulder Pain

We get a lot of questions about our claim that MAGICWHEELS dramatically reduces shoulder pain. So we thought we’d interview our National Sales Manager Scott Brown who was able to provide some insight into how the wheels can help out.

Q. How widespread is shoulder pain for wheelchair users?

A. Independent studies indicate that 60-90% of users experience shoulder pain relative to using a manual wheelchair.

Q. What options are available to reduce shoulder pain?

A. If the shoulder pain is propulsion related we can look at various clinical interventions.

There are essentially three options. We can try to change the configurations of the chair and/or seating to encourage more effective propulsion. We can evaluate the client’s push mechanics to determine if there is opportunity for improvement, focusing on long smooth push strokes. The third option would be to introduce some type of technological intervention such as a newly configured wheelchair or an add-on like Magic Wheels to their existing wheelchair.

Q. MAGICWHEELS claims that your wheels dramatically reduce shoulder pain. Do you have any clinical testing to support your claims?

A. We do have research to back up our claims. The University of Maryland conducted a study on shoulder pain in manual wheelchair use and found that MAGICWHEELS provides users up to a 60% reduction in shoulder pain.

Q. What was the purpose of this study?

A. Researchers at the University of Maryland wanted to determine how the use of a 2-speed wheelchair impacts shoulder pain related to manual wheelchair propulsion.


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